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  • Facebook and Foreclosure

    With today’s technology, it’s no wonder everything can be found in the World Wide Web. One of the things which can delay foreclosure filings is when the courts are having a hard time locating and serving the persons involved. But with social networking sites like Facebook, this particular problem has been resolved.

    According to Facebook statistics, 30% of their 500+ million subscribers are from the United States. Also, it is the current top social networking site beating Twitter and MySpace. Thus, it is a very logical idea for lawyers and document servers to consider using it.

    In 2009, the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court granted a lawyer’s application to use Facebook to serve lien notices after several failed attempts of serving the documents via e-mail or even in person. Last March, a British lawyer was also given the permission to use Facebook to serve court summons. In fact, it was the very first time a British court allowed this and many viewed it as the court’s way of embracing technology and making court processes efficient and effective.

    In many countries, it seems that using the said networking site has helped them in such a way of practicing and serving legal documents. In the United States, this practice has not yet been adopted, although a lot of people have concerns such as privacy and if it will do more harm than good.

    Although, users are bound to follow Facebook’s terms and conditions particularly the privacy of their users, recent and previous cases that used such method only has one main objective of why they are using this. To make sure the person is notified. If e-mail, text message, fax and even personal visits do not work, then why not consider Facebook? It can be a reliable and private method of serving foreclosure notices. Of course, the problem is serving the RIGHT person. This part is a bit tricky and such burden will be shouldered by the lawyer, who will have to prove to the court the Facebook account holder is the person concerned.

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